About Us

The Studio

The Studio Dance Perfection

The Studio’s core instructors, having danced together for over 25 years, are devoted to sharing the joy of dance and the wisdom of controlled movement to their diverse clientele. The Studio offers programs for all ages, skill levels and personal objectives; in a friendly environment with instructors who care about each student and client meeting their personal goals.

June Coppola

June Coppola started as a student of dance at the tender age of four. Her love of dance was nurtured and crafted by a dedicated staff of professionals – friends and colleagues of hers to this day. Introducing the principles of Pilates and updating the studio to meet the demands of a growing clientele, June has achieved a lifelong dream - to provide a venue where the joy of movement and physical wellbeing can be developed through dance and exercise; in her home town where her lifelong love of dance is rooted.

Our Staff

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