Olivia Platania

Olivia has been dancing since she was five years old.  At the age of 10, she began dancing with Dance Perfection.  Her instructors saw her potential and asked her to begin student teaching at The Studio when she was fifteen.  It has been her passion ever since.  Olivia graduated from LIU Post with a BFA in Dance Studies. After auditioning and working small gigs, she landed a spot on the NBA Brooklynettes Dance Team, where she continues to dance today.  She soon was signed with Bloc Talent Agency in New York and added to her professional resume by becoming a certified personal trainer. Olivia’s love of dance and her thirst of learning is what makes her such a special instructor at The Studio Dance Perfection.  This is her home and because it's such a comfortable environment where everyone is able to learn freely, she feels she has truly found a lifelong dance family at Dance Perfection. She believes the relationships developed here with students and teachers enables her to continue to grow as a dancer and instructor.  Being a dance educator at Dance Perfection has afforded Olivia the opportunity to pass down the joy of learning dance to our next generation of young dancers.

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