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The Showstoppers

Founded in 2010 by Lauren Sollicito and Nicole Naccari, The Showstoppers Dance Company was created to be a community-based ensemble of dancers ages 7 and up, who are passionate about dance and performing. The Showstopper’s purpose is to foster excellence in dance through public performances at community outreach events and through participation in regional dance conventions, workshops, and competitions.

The Showstoppers Dance Companies are for the performer who loves to dance and want to make it their top priority (after family and school, of course). Showstopper Dancers are required to take a minimum of 3-8 classes per week, depending on the student’s age and Company level. This includes both company specific classes and electives. At the present time, we have Mini, Petite, Junior and Senior Companies. To be considered as a Company Dancer, students must audition in the spring for the following season and meet specific class requirements.

Showstopper Dancers are offered in house guest workshops taught by renowned professional dance educators/choreographers. Company Dancers have an opportunity to hone their performance skills through frequent performances, many of which give back to the community as they are noteworthy charity functions and fundraising events.

We are always looking for new dancers to join our
Award Winning Showstoppers Dance Team!

Auditions will be Annually in the Spring/Summer

NEW Novice Level Company for Ages 9 and up

Mini Company for our younger dancers, Ages 6-8.

Petite Company Ages 10-11

Junior Company Ages 12-14

Senior Company Ages 14 & up
Senior Company
Junior Company
Petite Company
Mini Company
More Info:
Dancers ages 6 and up are invited to attend our Annual Company Audition for our Showstopper Dance Companies.

Registration is required. Interested dancers should fill out the attached REGISTRATION FORM.. Auditions are held annually in the spring and on a rolling basis as necessary.

At the audition, each dancer’s level of training in ballet, jazz, and tap dance technique will be taken into consideration, as well as their level of maturity and overall demeanor. Upon completion of the audition, dancers will be notified of their possible placement in one of our companies within one week.

Selected dancers will be required to commit to at least one dance competition per season. Additional costs and rehearsal times will be a part of being a Showstopper Dancer.
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